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Prepare for an empowered, peaceful birth

Welcome to a New Kind of Birth 

Many have been talking about planetary changes happening.  Everything from pole shifts to global weather changes.  For the past decade, many spiritual teachers have been referring to an evolutionary change happening to our species.  A sort of waking up, raising consciousness or increasing awareness.  This is something that is gaining in speed and popularity, as many people ARE actually waking up from their sleep.  This means, they are starting to become aware of their own awareness.  In this awareness, a human being begins to notice thoughts, emotions and feelings in a new way.  There might also be some questioning that begins to take place.  Starting to wonder about their belief systems that have been the basis of making life choices.

This impact on birth is extremely profound.  As human’s continue this waking up process, the birth experience transforms into a completely different experience.  It now becomes something that is empowered, awake and blissful.  Women move away from suffering, hard work and “should-do” type of experiences.

In the new paradigm, women embrace their birth experience in the same way they embrace their awakened lifestyle.  By going within herself, a woman creates a meeting with her soul, learning to drop away from the physical experience of birth becoming more fluid and malleable.  She finds her strength from within and she also finds her surrender at the same time.  Knowing that it is the strength of choice, of empowerment, that brings her the choice to surrender.  When she surrenders to ‘what is’ she experiences birth in another way.  She experiences it in a blissfully, awakened state of being.  Because she is accepting what is about her birth instead of resisting and fighting the experience.  She has let go of the conceptual ways birth has been ‘taught’ for generations and she embraces the wisdom she was born with.  She moves with her body, she breathes consciously and she completely trusts her body with all of its built-in wisdom.

Birth becomes an experience full of love, gratitude and welcoming the human being that is entering our planet.  The one who is coming to bring the gifts into our world.  This is the beginning of pure birth.